The effective work of INDSEQ began in March 2016 assuming all the activity (including all technical and human resources) of the former  company POEIRAS Máquinas e Ferramentas Lda, giving continuity to the knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years of presence in the market. Our activity focuses on three complementary areas: _______________________________________________________


Manufacture of equipment for the extraction and preparation of ornamental stones. These devices are basically divided into two areas: drilling and cutting. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Manufacture of handling equipment mostly to support the stones activity.____________________________________________________________________________________


COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Commercialization of industrial equipment, materials and consumables, mainly those used in the extraction and preparation of  ornamental



S.A.T. - TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Maintenance and technical assistance of industrial equipment.________________________________________________________________________________________________
Once INDSEQ is a company with its own technology, it is main priority to become an international brand that allows us not only our own development but also to contribute to the socio-economic impact of our region and country.________________________________________________________________


As INDSEQ's activity is focused on the exploitation of ornamental stones, it is our permanent concern to evaluate and contribute to the reduction of the enironement impact. In this sense, INDSEQ built its equipment according to the necessary normative certifications. __________________________________
Concerning Human Resources, it is a priority of INDSEQ to focus on the qualification of each one of its employees, not only in technical skills, but also in terms of safety, management, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Our positioning in the market will always be based on the quality of the product and the service as well as the continuous investigation in the development of new equipment, services and solutions. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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